Why is MyFitnessPal not supported in this app?

Themes are available in MyFitsApp for a couple of reasons, but you can’t switch them out.

If you use the app to check your heart rate and/or sleep, it will show up as your fitness tracking app in the settings.

However, theres no way to switch them off or disable them.

You have to choose the theme and apply it to your app.

For instance, if you are a fan of black and gold, you might want to apply your own dark theme.

You can also choose your profile picture in MyFitPal, but this isn’t an option.

You also can’t customize the app’s icon.

You can, however, change the colors of the app icons.

It looks like your preferences will only apply to apps you install from your device.

The app will also automatically download new themes when you update it.

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