Which cash app scam is the most common and which are the least?

The brainly app scam may not be the most popular among consumers, but it’s the one that’s gotten the most attention in recent months.

The brainy app, launched in January 2018, lets users upload videos, photos, and other content to their Instagram account and then receive a reward if they complete the tasks.

The app is available on more than 40 platforms.

The first case was reported by The New York Times, but the story gained national attention after a user posted screenshots of a YouTube video of a man walking through the app.

The scam was reported to Facebook on Dec. 13, but was then quietly updated to include a new version that also included a reward.

According to BuzzFeed News, users can still receive the reward by uploading a video of themselves in the app, but this time the video will be shared on the social media site and then the rewards will be credited to their account.

It’s unclear whether the new reward is worth the extra effort to complete the task.

The Verge reported in October that brainy was one of the most used apps in 2017, though it wasn’t the first scam in the category.

In the case of the brainy scam, Facebook said it received more than 1,500 reports in 2017 alone.

The Washington Times reported that the brainly scam was one in a series of cash app scammers that had been reported by social media platforms in 2017.

The latest scam was discovered after a Facebook user spotted a video uploaded by a user in December of 2017 that contained the word “brainy” in the caption.

The video had more than 6 million views, and the user had uploaded it to the Facebook app in late 2017.

That user later shared screenshots of the scam on Twitter.

BuzzFeed News reported that a user named “matt” posted screenshots that appeared to show the scammer making money off of the videos uploaded to the brainily app.

He has since deleted the posts.

“I am the owner of the Instagram account @matt_baker and I am selling a new app called brainy,” he wrote in a tweet.

“The app is now worth $100,000 and my money is going to @brainly and I will also get a reward.”

The scamster had apparently uploaded the video in early 2017 to brainly, which he claimed was created by a different account.

The original video was deleted by the scamster on Dec, 10, 2017, and BuzzFeed News was unable to find any evidence that brainly was his account.

BuzzFeed reported that several of the apps featured in the scam are no longer available, including brainly and brainly.org, which used to be the official Instagram account of the Brainy app.

Facebook declined to comment on the report.