Which apps let you keep track of your calorie intake?

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is working on a new app for iOS called “Calorie Counter” that will let you track your food intake using the “Calories in” and “Calm down” buttons.

The app is currently in beta, and there is no indication when it might become available.

There’s no way to get the app to work with Apple’s HealthKit framework.

It’s unclear if the app will also support the HealthKit APIs, though the Calorie Counter team did say it has plans to integrate the Healthkit framework with its app.

Google previously unveiled its “Calgary” and the “Diet” apps, but neither of those were available on iOS devices.

The “Calumulative” app, meanwhile, allows you to keep track and track your calories, but doesn’t currently have a tracking option.

It was previously rumored that Google would release “Calcalorie Counter 2,” but that was never confirmed.