When the gun app comes to iOS: How to get your gun into the iPhone app

The gun app is the biggest mobile gaming news story of the year.

It is now more than 100 million downloads, more than 1 billion unique users, and more than half a billion gun owners worldwide.

In 2017, Apple sold more than 10 million guns to gun owners.

This is the most ever.

The gun app has also changed the way the public views guns and how we view gun owners and their rights.

The gun owners app, for instance, has become a way for people to communicate with each other and share their opinions about guns.

Gun owners have been able to use the app to make their voices heard in a public way.

The app has brought a new level of civility and respect to gun ownership and the rights of gun owners in America.

The app, which is currently available in over 100 countries, is a huge deal for Apple, which has been struggling to win over gun owners after the Newtown school shooting.

Apple executives have spent months in meetings with gun owners, encouraging them to use its app to help them organize their lives, as well as to learn about gun safety and how to get their guns legally.

Apple has taken a lot of heat for this approach, and it has led to some backlash from gun owners who argue that it is not fair to the gun owners themselves.

The App Store Review blog has criticized the company for its “shameful” approach.

The backlash has also led to a backlash among the gun community itself, which seems to be a reaction to Apple’s lack of engagement with gun ownership in the US.

Gun ownership has become increasingly contentious in the past year as people have come to believe that guns and guns are inherently evil.

This has led some gun owners to consider leaving the country.

This sentiment has made some gun advocates, including Apple, more defensive, even though they may have the power to take action on gun control.

Apple is no stranger to these kinds of controversies, and this has caused some people to believe it is the company who is responsible for the gun debate.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken many stances on gun policy, and his stance on gun ownership is very much the polar opposite of the stance of gun-rights advocates.

He has consistently backed the right of gun ownership, but he has not been a vocal supporter of gun rights.

Cook has also taken stances that have been controversial.

For example, Cook has said he believes that gun ownership can be beneficial for people who suffer from mental illness.

This stance is extremely divisive.

In response to this stance, gun rights advocates have used the app as a platform to attack Cook.

One of the main complaints about the app has been that it has been difficult to use.

The company has made it easier to access the app, but users are still not able to access information about their weapons.

One of the complaints has been how difficult it is to share information about a gun to other people on the same social media platform.

This is a very dangerous issue.

I think people are going to get the app out of their pocket, but it is very dangerous.

The public has no idea how dangerous the app really is.

When I talk about the gun-control debate, I am not talking about the NRA, but about people who have been trying to get rid of guns for 20 years, and they are going crazy.

They have to understand, this is a gun control debate, and you have to get to the heart of it, because the guns are dangerous.

I am going to make it easy for people.

If you have an iPhone or a iPad, you can access the gun ownership app from anywhere on the web, and from anywhere in the world, and that is really exciting.

I have no doubt that people are open to learning about the rights that guns have, and I believe that it will be a very good platform for gun owners across the country to talk about gun issues, particularly about gun violence.

I will make it really easy for the people to get on board.

Apple, which sells about 100 million firearms a year, has faced pressure from gun-owners after the Sandy Hook school shooting, which killed 20 children and six educators.

The shooter, Adam Lanza, had purchased guns on his college campus, and he reportedly used the guns to kill his classmates.

Apple has said it has taken steps to remove guns from campus after Lanza was identified.

In 2018, Apple was the first major tech company to make its gun app available in the U.S. The product, which was launched in September, is currently in the process of launching in Canada.

It has also launched in Mexico and Australia.

The first time Apple released its app for the iPhone was on January 18, 2018.

Since then, the company has released new versions of the app every week and it is in the works of expanding the app’s reach.

The goal is to make the app more comprehensive and easier to use for gun users across the US and the world