When the Apple Watch app is blocked for Android users

Apple Watch apps downloaded on Android are getting a boost from Google and Google+ apps, according to a new blog post by Apple’s iOS team.

The iOS developers on the Apple Developer Network (AFN) said that they have been testing out a feature that allows Apple Watch users to download the apps of their choosing.

The AFN is an umbrella group for Apple and Google developers, and it has been working with the iOS team to push the feature to iOS users.

AFN members have been able to download an unlimited number of apps from the Google Play Store, but the feature is only available for Android apps.

AFNs iOS and Android members have also been able download the app icons for apps on both devices, according the blog post.

The post also included a screenshot of a Google+ app, showing a button for a Google Play-based app, which shows a badge with a link to download that app.

The badges are available on both iOS and on Android, and AFNs have been working on the iOS version of the feature for the past several weeks.

The blog post said that it is working with developers to make sure that the Google+ integration is working for iOS users as well.

It is unclear what the AFN plans to do with the feature, but AFNs own App Developers Forum recently launched an app to help developers download Apple Watch-specific apps.

The forum is part of the developer’s official Apple Developer Community and was recently updated to include a link for downloading apps from Google Play.