How to download and install Android apps from the Google Play store

Samsung Apps for Android is a new way to install Android applications on your Android device.It’s a very easy way to get apps from a store like Google Play.Here’s how to install them.Note: Samsung apps are for Android devices running […]

How to watch and stream the world’s best sporting events with a Samsung smart watch

Samsung and the makers of the Gear VR headset will begin selling a $200 device with virtual reality functionality that is capable of streaming live sports from a variety of sources including Samsung’s own YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Google Cardboard and […]

How to use Apple’s new Chromecast app to stream video from Samsung apps and Samsung Gear devices on Android devices

Apple has rolled out a new way to stream Samsung apps on Android phones and other Android devices using its new Chromium browser extension.Users can now use the new Chrome extension to launch Samsung Gear apps on their Samsung devices […]