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NFL app update: The NFL app is back.

But is it worth the upgrade?

The latest news on the NFL app.

It has been a long road, and it’s only getting better.

The NFL app has seen a number of updates over the last couple of months.

In March, the app went live, and in August, the team that originally released the app for iOS was acquired by Amazon.

The app has since been updated, and the NFL now offers a wide range of sports streaming services, including NFL Pass, the NFL Game Pass, and its own app.

While the app has been updated to work with Apple TV and Roku players, the only real upgrade the app brings to the table is the ability to watch NFL games through the NFL Pass app.

The NFL App will remain a part of the NFL on iOS, and we’re going to see some more updates in the coming months.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about the NFL’s app update.

New app update includes a new look for your stats.

The apps app icon has changed from the old-school gray square to a red diamond.

The new icon is designed to show you which stats you have, and which stats have been added to the app.

You can see it in the screenshot below.

The new icon for the stats page.

The stats page now shows you stats that relate to the team you are watching, and you can tap on the stat to see more details.

The app is now a more complete experience.

It offers more stats than the older app, including stats that apply to both your team and opponents, as well as stats that affect how games are decided.

For example, if you’re watching a game on Thursday night, the stats on the scoreboard for that game will show the score, but the stats that impact how you are selected to win the game will also be shown.

There are also new stats to look at.

You’ll now be able to see how many rushing yards the player has, as a percentage of the total team rushing yards.

You also can see how well a team’s defense is doing, and how well their offense is doing.

The stats page for each game will now also show you the team’s overall defense, and will include how well the offense is playing, as opposed to the overall defense.

There are now stat categories for rushing, rushing yards, total offense, passing, passing yards, and total touchdowns.

You can also use the stats to see if your team is winning or losing.

The league uses a formula to determine which team wins, and if the formula is skewed, the scores will change to show that.

For instance, if the league is leaning toward a team that is losing, the league will now show a lower scoring score for that team.

There is also a new score bar that displays a number on the bottom of the screen for each statistic.

The team that has the most points in a given game will be highlighted in green.

The other team’s total will be listed in red.

The same thing happens for each of the scoring categories.

If you want to learn more about the app update, check out our full NFL app review.