How to use a alarm clock on Android 8.0 Oreo to save yourself from the app store and watch Netflix

Hacker News user @nhkolman has put together a handy tutorial on how to set the alarm to ring when a new episode of the popular HBO show, The Newsroom, starts.

The alarm clock widget in Android 8 is actually a notification.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you have the option to tap on it to trigger the alarm, or swipe down to dismiss it.

You’ll see a notification pop up letting you know that an episode of The News of the World has been added to the Google Play Store.

Once the notification appears, just press the ‘OK’ button to close the notification and watch The News.

It’s a simple but effective method of saving you from the endless cycle of the app’s endless notification loop.

If you’re wondering how the alarm clock works, you’ll need to first download and install the ‘Notification Center’ app.

The notification center lets you add, remove, and customize notifications.

The app has a nice interface and features a few different widgets that you can configure.

The one you’ll want to tweak is the one that shows the alarm when the new episode is available.

Once you’ve installed the Notification Center app, the app will open and you’ll see an icon for the notification you want to show on the widget.

To open the notification, tap on the icon, then tap the + button.

It’ll let you select whether the notification should be shown when the episode is currently playing or when the next episode is being played.

Once you’ve selected the notification for the widget, just swipe up to dismiss the notification.

If the notification is still showing after you dismiss it, you can open it in the notification center and open it from the home screen.

From there, you just need to swipe down from the top of the notification to dismiss.

Once that’s done, just open the Notification center again to dismiss, then swipe up again to open it again.

This is a very handy way to save time and get the notification widget to ring whenever a new show starts up.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the newsstand and you want a new Netflix episode, you’re in luck.

Hacker News users have made a widget that allows you to add the Netflix app to the widget automatically.

Just open the widget and tap on “Add Netflix.”

You’ll be asked if you want the app to add to the widgets widget or not.

Tap “Add” to make the widget the default widget.

Once done, tap “Remove” to remove the widget from the widget list.

If you want, you could also add an “Add to favorites” button to the top right of the widget to add your Netflix favourites to the list automatically.

Once your notification is updated, just go to the notification centre and swipe up from the bottom to dismiss your notification.

Then, simply go back to the home screens widget and swipe down again to launch the notification again.

From here, just tap the “+” button at the bottom of the notifications list to add a new notification.

You can then open it directly from the notification area and swipe to dismiss all notifications that have been added.

Once it’s opened, just click the “OK” button in the Notification centre to dismiss and watch the new Netflix.

The new Netflix is now available in the Google play store.