How to make your own SnKrs app for Android and iOS: The easy step-by-step guide

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest topics in 2017, and in that space, there’s a lot to like.

For starters, a lot of people are interested in what they’re buying, and there are plenty of app developers willing to provide useful services to users.

There are a lot more services out there, however, and the most popular ones are based on Android and Apple devices.

There are many ways to make an app, but for a long time the easiest way to do it was by adding some code to your favorite browser, which you can do with any of the popular platforms.

While the possibilities are endless, a new app development tool called SnKrrs, launched last week by The Verge, aims to give developers an easy way to build an app for iOS and Android, as well as the web.

SnKrrrs lets you add your own logo to your app, or make your app’s code accessible from the web via a JavaScript library that uses JavaScript to create your app.

You can customize the icon by setting a value for the backgroundColor attribute, and then add a custom URL (URL is optional, but a valid one should work) for your app to redirect users to.

It’s a relatively straightforward process, but it’s also a way to give you more control over how your app looks and behaves.

If you have a web app, SnKrrrs will take care of the rest for you, with the ability to customize your icon as well.

The app’s website lists the options for making your app accessible from JavaScript, and it includes a handy list of icons you can use to help with this task.

For those that have never used SnKrtrs before, it allows you to build and share your own icon.

To add your icon to your project, simply add the following snippet to your main JavaScript code.function myApp(a:SnKrs:App):SnKrtrrs.add(a, “icon”)This code snippet will create an instance of SnKrnrs that uses the SnKrlrs API to create an icon that’s displayed in your app on your iOS or Android device.

The icon will be set as the default icon for all of your apps on the website.

You’ll also be able to set up custom background colors and other settings for the icon.

After you’ve finished creating your icon, Snkrs will allow you to add your SnKruss to your repository, which will automatically generate a new version of the icon when it’s updated.

You could even use this to create custom icon packs to share with your community.

SnKrgrs will let you share your Snkrrs icon with the Snkrrs community as well, so if you want to give someone else a chance to build a SnKmrrs app, they could use the same icon to build it as you.

The SnKrdrs website has a detailed tutorial on how to set it up, and we’ll let you know if you have any questions.

Snkrs was created by The Next Web developer Michael De Luca, and he’s been adding new features to the platform since March.

We’ll have to wait and see how it fares before taking a final verdict.