How to get the best firestick remote for your classroom app

The Firestick Remote is one of the best-selling devices in the history of tablets and the Firestick app is no exception.

The device offers a ton of great features, including an intuitive and powerful remote control and the ability to control your tablet from the app.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, there’s another way to get your students on the same page: the CwiC app.

While this app is only available in Canada, it’s available for the rest of the world as well.

CwiCs app, developed by CwiCo, is designed to be easy to use and the app’s main goal is to help students learn through fun, engaging and engaging experiences.

As a result, it has several learning apps that allow you to control the tablet remotely, with an intuitive touch interface that’s designed to provide great feedback on how well the device is performing.

The app has a number of great learning apps including one called CwiCast that lets you learn about your students through an interactive audio presentation and another called CWiCast Lite, which is great for teaching in a classroom setting.

Here’s how to set up Cwi Cast Lite in your classroom.


Install the CWiC app from the Google Play Store.


Select your tablet and select “Start from” 3.

Choose a tablet for you.

You can also select from the following screen types: 3D, Tabletop, Table, or Desktop 4.

Click “Start” 5.

The CwiCon app should open and the CwCast Lite screen should pop up.

Select “CwiCast Lite” and then click “Start.”


You’ll see a screen like this: 7.

Click the CciCast icon on the top right side of the screen.

You will then be taken to the “CwCast” tab.


On the top menu, click on the “Add Remote” option to add a CwiController app and then select the “Firestick Remote” from the list of apps.

The screen should change to this: 9.

Select the Fire Stick app from your library and click “Add.”


On your iPad or iPhone, open the CWICast app.


Choose your classroom device and click on “Settings” on the bottom of the window.


The “Add a Remote” menu should open.


Choose “Fire Stick Remote” and select the CpiC app you just added.

The remote will be added to the list.


Click on “Connect.”


The Fire Stick Remote app should appear.


Select an area on the screen and choose the desired device and the number of devices you want to control.

You may also choose to add more devices by adding “More” at the bottom.


Once you have added a device to the remote list, the app should now display the status of the device and its configuration.


On this screen, you will be able to select your remote controller and assign the desired remote control.


On both the iPad and iPhone, click “Connect” to add the remote controller.


The new remote controller will be shown on the right side, and when the device’s remote control is selected, the C wiC app will appear on the left.


On either device, click the “Launch” button and select your tablet to launch the CwdC app and get started with your students.

If you want more control over your tablet, check out our iPad remote controller article.


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