How to get an Android Wear watch from Google Play

Google has been working to add Android Wear watches to its Play Store and Android TV devices, and it’s now available for those in the United States.

You can now get an unlocked Moto 360 in the Google Play Store if you’ve purchased it through the Google Preferred program, as the company announced on Thursday.

The Moto 360 has been on sale since last fall, and we can only imagine how many of you were wondering if you could get one for a fraction of the $299 it costs to buy the watch.

We know a lot of you weren’t.

But now you can finally get one.

The Google Play Edition of the Moto 360 is currently $229, and while that may not sound like a lot, you can’t go wrong with getting one if you’re willing to shell out $249.

The watch comes with a Moto 360 case and a stainless steel strap.

It also comes with the Android Wear software, which includes an alarm clock, a notification center, and an ambient light sensor.

The Android Wear Smartwatch app offers some of the same features as the Moto Smartwatch 2, including a music player and notifications.