Apple to shut down movie streaming app for iPhone users

Apple is ending the movie streaming service for iPhone and iPad users after a six-month battle over a new feature that would have allowed customers to stream movies to other devices and use Apple TV’s video-on-demand feature to watch them.

Apple, which has a vast library of movies, said Monday that the feature would be removed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, but it is not expected to affect Apple TV.

The decision comes after Apple has been embroiled in an intense public relations battle over Apple TV since late last year, when a group of iPhone and Apple TV users complained that Apple TV was not a good fit for their viewing habits.

Apple also said last week that it would be removing a “family movie service” feature that allowed users to watch movies and TV shows over the Internet without a cable or satellite subscription, though it did not specify what that would mean for Apple TV or the movie service.

The company also announced a change to the way Apple TV devices work that will allow users to record and share videos to a movie service app and then use that video to watch it on their Apple TV when they return home.

Apple and Netflix, however, are fighting a separate battle over whether Apple TV is compatible with Apple’s original movies and television shows, with Netflix arguing that it is incompatible with Apple TV and Apple’s other movies and shows.

Netflix’s own streaming service, Netflix Prime, has also been blocked in the U.S. by regulators in the last few months.

In a statement Monday, Apple said the feature, which was included in a new software update for iOS, was only available for iOS devices with the “Safari app.”

“We can’t provide a feature that can’t be used by any iOS device,” the company said.

“Our goal is to offer customers a seamless experience with the Apple TV on iOS, which means we will stop supporting iOS devices that don’t support Safari on iOS.”

The feature allows users to access movies and other media from Apple TV, but is only available on iOS devices running the Safari app, which Apple has said is only for Apple devices that support Safari.