Get a new mortgage, credit card, or loan for less than $1,000 with these mobile apps

Get a mortgage, mobile credit card and loan for under $1 million?Here are the apps for that.1.ChaseMobile AppFor a few bucks, you get the ChaseMobile app for your iPhone or iPad.Chase says it gives you access to all of your […]

Google app store is the place where you’ll find your next favorite apps, but the company is missing a big step: an interface for its new Google Home platform

Google has released a set of new Google app interfaces for its home platform.In the coming months, Google Home will have its own home page, but for now, Google’s interface is missing the ability to access your Google account or […]

Video game players will be able to play games on their smart devices using the new Firestick app

Best of 2017: Best games on the Apple Watch, WatchOS 2, iOS and Android devices article iOS: The App Store has been updated with the Apple TV 4.5, which is a new feature for tvOS devices.WatchOS 3: WatchOS 4 is […]